Alexander Maltby Ltd as a multi-faceted construction company can offer a “one stop’ service to take the stress and confusion out of the whole building process. We take on the responsibility for bringing together the design team, interpreting your requirements and ensuring they are achieved, obtaining all the necessary consents and managing the construction work on your behalf. With Turnkey Projects you have the benefit of a single point of responsibility for the complete project with a chartered building firm adding both build ability but also single point responsibility.

Your “Turnkey Manager” actively manages the entire team and reports back directly to you or your representative. You will receive formal monthly reports on your project throughout the whole design and construction process. We use our extensive experience to bring together the best design team, professional consultants and trades people for each project. We continually monitor performance to ensure they continue to interpret your requirements correctly and maintain the highest quality standards. We offer this service on projects of any size or complexity from renovations and refurbishments.

We can even furnish and arrange your house as part of the project to provide you with a home that is ready to live in. If you have already appointed, or have a preference for any particular consultants, we are happy to work with them and appoint the remainder of the design team with the skills to complement theirs.

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